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Featured link of the month: Deseiderata
Learn the truth and myths behind this inspirative peice, as well as a hint of truth.

Jenn's Friends!
Do you have a personal home page to share? Tell me, and I'll link ya! Requirements: Must tell your real FIRST name, a picture of you, and you must link back to me.

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Cartoon Fanfiction, Fan Art, and Info links
Here are two links to the same site. Forgot just where they went, though!

Costume Links
Check out these links to find out what you can about making a costume, and if you don't know how to sew or have the time, check out the links that will let you buy a costume, ready made. These links don't represent all the links available on the web. If you can't find what you're looking for, by all means, conduct your own search! pictures and links patterns ready-made costumes and accessories patterns info patterns pictures how to make a corset with links, materials, and construction guides step-by-step guide to dressing up in Victorian costume more dress info non-Internet info sources more costuming info more costuming info more costuming links ready made costumes ready made costumes, patterns, make up, and more custom made costumes...might be pricey historical costume links

Writing Links
How to provide conflict for your characters

Free posting of stories, as well as helpful critique

If you want to write for the movies:

Drawing Links
A Witchblade site.
How to draw anime (think Pokemon, Gundam Wing, or even Robotech). Hint: DO NOT e-mail this author for anything. She's mean.
The comic book world provides great references for drawing. Here's an X-Men site.
Learn more about comic book guys.

Sewing Links
An online source for ordering patterns.
Order beads and findings.
If you don't know what chaps are, this will tell you. (And not the English slang for men!)
Some unique (and expensive) beadwork.
Learn to sew fancyfull underchonies!
Simplicity Patterns. Nuff said.
Some fancy Victorian Lingerie patterns.
Yee-haw! Get yerself sum reel western a-parrel, ahhhhh reckon.
An informative textile website that recycles info from periodicals (psst! for textiles classes!)
Build your own web site with ease, just like me.