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Here are some interesting comments...

Hi! I visit the K'Arthurville boards sometimes as bakashinji, and I saw your topic that indicated you needed money. I would like to help you if I can. Just send me your address, and if you don't want money, I can probably get you anything else you need (except food, I don't think I can send that overseas).

LOL wow I didn't think anyone took that seriously. Yeah, I'm a poor starving college student, but I don't need money that bad. I was being sarcastic. Thanx anyway!

Hey, uh, you don't know me . . . Linked to your site by accident from K'arthruville, but I decided to peruse. I really think you did a good job, like the music. I'm kinda trying to teach myself to draw, your tutorials, though I didn't read them fully because it's 11:33 at night and I can barely comprehend the complex actions of clicking mouse buttons, I intend to soon. If this makes no sense whatsoever, no I'm not a complete lunatic, it's just that its however late I said it was and I am not a latenight person. Anyways, Kudos to you. I thought that peacock dress was fabulous. Did I just type fabulous? My apologies, insert a better not so mediocre word in there would, I'm too lazy to go all the way back and delete it. Anyways, Spiderman rules, your site is cool, thank you and goodnight.

Dear Spidergirl,

Actually, your message is one of the least weird I get. I would not take your linking to my site as an by one the norm individuals of society stumble onto my world and remain forever changed.
Today I am actually going to be updating my online portfolio, but you will not see the changes until Sept. 1 cuz I publish once a month. I hope to fix my tutorials, which I've been promising for months but can't seem to find the time to do.
As for my music, sadly, I've taken a boycott on all things Guns N' Roses because they have promised a new album for over three years and I'm getting sick of waiting, so in response I am forcing myself to not listen to GNR, and have taken renewed interest in Megadeth, Rammstein and :::gag me::: Metallica. I am going to Ozzfest later this month. Check for photos in September.
Thanx for visiting my site!

Hey there,
I just popped over to your web site to take a look at some of your drawings and such...very nice. I have noticed a trend that those people I run into on the site tend to be multitalented. I draw as well, but not nearly with such skill as you. I do have some pretty impressive Predator drawings, if I do say so myself. Most of mine is Sci Fi Fantasy stuff. BTW, the Don't Ask dress you drew, that was awesome! Peacock feathers in a very medieval style...very nice.
You know I may have to break down and figure out just how to set up a web page! LOL!!!(I can see the headaches already!).
Well I think I will go for now, I have to drop some movies off at blockbuster, and then call to see if the sitter can bring my daughter over for a few hours!
Take care!
Denise Randall

Dear Denise,
Setting up a web site was not hard at all for me. In fact, I did it in one day. I did not use Illustrator or Photoshop, or anything you would most likely need a piloting license for; instead, I used Trellix Web, as you can see at the bottom of both my Home and Links page. Unfortunately, Trellix has changed to a new company, so those links may not take you to Trellix. However, if you use their software (which is free), you can publish with Tripod (which is also free). I only paid $35.00 with Lycos for a domain name. If you can use a word processor (Microsoft Word), you can use this product. Since it's free, it's worth the time.

Also, don't register your site with any search engines unless you really need the exposure. It can be costly...I just register with webrings and sites like Alan's Greatest. Since July, I've tripled the amount of people coming to my web site.

Hope that helps. Here's the link.

Update December 2002: Trellix has changed into CuteSite Builder, and you can no longer download Trellix web for free. The new software, with endless mandatory plug ins that you must purchase seperately, costs about $70 a user.

I enjoyed your site, and i like cowboy bebop and i would like to see the pis when you put it on your site, or email. you are pretty cool person from what i have read, and to like you know you do look really really good. i just stumbled on to your site looking for this site i found on soul reaver and blood omen games. but that is all i reall wanted to say, and email me back if you want to at (OMITTED) i use this name when i am avoiding some people. well see ya.


Hey man, no prob. Sorry about the pix not being up...I just got back from a "family vacation" so I haven't had too much time to put things up on my site. In fact, within the end of the week I might have some more pix up...including scans and more wacky pix of me doing wacky crap. Anywho, take care!

hi i really enjoyed your site..i often visit and i think its beutiful ..
thats all


Cool. I'm glad someone likes it...besides me! LOL