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In this tutorial, we'll be drawing the human head! I break it down for you nice and easy, so you should have no problem understanding. Please realize, however, that hand-eye coordination takes practice, and if this is your first time drawing, you might not get the results you want. Practice DOES make perfect, so you can only get better with time.

Disclaimer: Sara Pezzini and Witchblade are property of Top Cow Productions. Nothing used on this page is done so to make a profit on my behalf.

STEP ONE: Eggzactly!
When drawing, most things are comprised of basic shapes. The human head is no different. As you can see, the human head is an egg shape, titled on its axis. Remember, draw lightly. Those lines on her head are where her eyes and mouth will be placed. Draw her neck and shoulder.
Bitmap Image

STEP TWO: Lightly define
Take this time to lightly draw in outlines of her eyes, nose, mouth, and hair. Make sure her eyes are even. When drawing hair, you don't have to draw every single strand! This makes this yucky. Just draw the basic highlights and dark spots, and you'll be fine. Be sure to draw her ear. Again, note that you are still drawing lightly, and you are not going into major detail. As soon as you are certain what you have drawn is correct, go onto the next step.
Bitmap Image

STEP THREE: Finer Details
Now you can start adding details. Note how I do not draw all the hair on her head, just basic rifts and valleys. When drawing her eyes, please realize that an eye is an oblong shape partially hidden behind your eyelids. The colored part of the eye is never fully exposed, unless you're surprised. They are always 1/3 or more hidden by the top or bottom eyelid. Note that it is not necessary to draw the entire nose. Dn't outline the nose like an elephant's foot! It is only necessary to draw the nostril facing you, as well as the very end of the nose. Sara has those funny claw things all over. Draw them if you want to.
Bitmap Image

Again, we have inking. Inking is detailed greater in my Inking Tutorial, but just note that only a few lines are really played out. Not everything needs to be outlined. This makes the picture "flat". Only key areas need to be darkened, such as the hair behind her head, her eyelashes, and a few darkspots here and there.When inking her eyes, leave a "reflection" and small spots where color will be filled in.
Bitmap Image

I know some people aren't comfortable with colors, because it truly can make or break the drawing. If you screw up, please note you can always start over! I used Prismacolor markers on Bristol board. Remember to "swirl" with your markers to avoid the "venetian blind" effect. Always use lighter colors first. You can go over the colors again to make shadows. I used the skin color twice to make shadows, and then used a yellow marker on the brown one to create highlights in her hair. If you use Grafics or vellum, you can blend colors on the back of the paper to make the changes more subtle.

Man, what I wouldn't give to look like her!

STEP SIX: Finishing
Be sure to sign your work, and date it. Then...