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The Write Stuff
All can be found under my Account.

Original Fiction

The Seraphim Dynasties
Part One 1996-97 PG-13
Hunter is transported a hundred years into the future where Earth is post World War III (and no, it was not a result of Bush VS Iraq). A warlord over a thousand years old has been systematically destroying planets throughout the galaxy for over a millenia, saving one Last from each encountered race. It is now Earth's turn, and it's only defense is a band of outlaws that Hunter reluctantly joins. He learns of the balance of power in the universe, and how he is related to everyone in mind, body, and power. He also learns that the future of Earth, and therefore the galaxy, lies on him, and the destruction of his foe may be interdepedent of his own.
Part Two 1998-99 PG-13
SPOILER: Lemanek is the sole survivor of the Hellbringers. 15 years after peace has been restored, a new foe rears its head, threatening an entire race, as well as the offspring of the Hellbringers crew. Lemanek must face this new foe, and learn how to forgive himself for his past.

The Cyborg and the Rose EDITED July 2002 R
After long last, I have replaced the file! Rosalyn, an orphan, grew up on the streets and is the FBI's best kept secret. After the governments have united and have appointed new population laws, the youth of society has slowly but surely been laid to waste. Children are elected as soldiers for gangs striving to keep their market of illegal drugs. Meanwhile, the President of the former United States is running a power struggle, trying to use illegal molecular technology for her own profit. A look into the future for our children.

Raven Ongoing Series PG-13
The familiar of a vampire tells his story as he sees his world being torn apart by the fued between the sorcerers of the Guild of the Light and the Dark Arts. He is drawn into a world of dangerous powers, corrupt politics, and the fight to free one girl's mind from the influence of the skilled and dangerous Dark Arts master, Loczhiert. Ongoing series.

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Fan Fiction

Indiana Jones and the Valkyrie Sword Ongoing PG
October 1937. Before the Last Crusade, Indiana and his father get caught up in a Norse tale of greed and power. Rest assured, there are plenty of whips, snakes, Nazis, and gunfighting!

Spiderman's Cat Scratch Fever PG-13
Spiderman, meet Felicia Hardy. Felecia, Spiderman. Now, PLAY NICE!

Spiderman and the Twins
Read it if you want. I'm considering taking it down.